Conditional Comments in HTML5?

Where we are Four years ago I wrote a small piece on conditional comments in IE7, and whether there should be an institutionalised Opera CSS hack, in the style of @opera or @browser opera. While IE's standards support isn't stellar, it is still better […]

SVG 2.1: Foreshadow support

Well over four years ago Opera made the first native SVG implementation, with the first useful implementation the following year, and Safari and Mozilla got into the game. By 2007 SVG became a browser business and earlier limited use of SVG faded into the […]

HTML5 token support

One common situation when registering a new account with a service (say is that it requires email confirmation from you to activate that account. This is part of a handshake, where both parties present their credentials and confirm who the other one is. […]

Can HTML5 make accessibility usable?

Following up the discussion on Accessible drag and drop using WAI-ARIA, I think HTML5 may be a huge win for accessibility. HTML4 was filled with good intentions, HTML5 should be filled with good implementations. HTML4 became a W3C standard 11 years ago. By now […]

HTML5 — XML’s Stealth Weapon

Even after the death-of-XHTML2, syntax debate still dominates the day. Here is my contribution. The XML story In the beginning was SGML. There is a lot to be said about SGML so I won't. HTML was specified to be an application of SGML, but […]