HTML video: The subtext

There has been a lot of talk about HTML5 video, codecs, containers, and the lot. That certainly matters, but it isn’t something I care about. Assuming the browsers could agree on some standard media codec plug-in interface, like they have done before, browsers shouldn’t […]

The SVG path

The last W3C working group I participated in, Multimodal Interaction (MMI), is at the periphery of the Web and is unlikely to make much of an impact on it in the foreseeable future. However they have produced a few interesting specs (and a few […]

Dele, ikke stjele?

Denne uken kom det et opprop fra kunstnerdypet, iallfall noen av dem, som sa seg forfordelt, eller var det forforstjelt? At bransjeorganisasjonene ikke er velvillig innstilt til fildeling er knapt nytt, men denne gangen var kampanjen frontet av forfattere og utøvere. Gitt det 20. […]

How clever are smartphones really?

Last issue of New Scientist published a paean to IPhone named Appland: How smartphones are transforming our lives. It follows a traditional NS pattern of being ahead of the curve for science and behind it with technology. The author was elated, and there is […]

Minimal Markup

I have earlier proclaimed markup an [necessary] evil. A more constructive way of putting it is to say that markup should always be minimal. You should use as much markup as you need, and no more. Markup is something we add to aid machines. […]