Building beasts and bridges, a Vivaldi way

This entry builds on this Medium article: On Beasts and Bridges

While that article covers the background and philosophy of social media integration, this post and follow-ups, here or on Mastodon is intended to be more practical.

I do not know what Vivaldi plans for social media, either on or in the browser, but I know what I would want:

  1. A way for me to have full control of all my social media content,
  2. and the interactions they are a part of,
  3. handled by software I can trust, and replace.

The Vivaldi Mastodon

Vivaldi has not just a Mastodon instance, but also an as yet relatively basic integration with the other social offerings. This is ahead of other mastodon instances, but more will follow.

IndieWeb has this concept Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere (POSSE). It is a good concept to build upon. could be the first site for those of us that don’t have a site of our own, a mirror for those who do (read the Medium article for more thought on this).

Initially allow users to automatically publicize blog posts on, later other content. But also allow content to go the other way (e.g. with an appropriate , for instance).

Next stop In this case a bridging, preferably open, software. More like an interface than directly integrated with the particular Vivaldi forum software (which, frankly I am not too impressed with). Such an interface could be used by any forum software to integrate with Mastodon or any other software based on ActivityStreams, ActivityPub specifications.

Join the Conversation

  1. Vivaldi uses the current open source software ‘Mastodon’, which runs on many thousands of servers worldwide.
    It is constantly being further developed by the Mastodon community.
    This software could be modified by Vivaldi, as it is open source, but this would be quite costly.
    The integration of the ‘Vivaldi blog’ into would therefore be possible and quite nice.
    But it’s already possible with a link to your own blog, without much effort.
    More detailed discussions on a blog or blog topic would quickly disappear on Mastodon.
    Perhaps separate groups/rooms on ‘Jabber/XMPP’, a very good open source messenger, would be better.


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