Strong is wrong

Early mistakes are the hardest ones to fix. From the start HTML supported semantic markup, which is one of its selling points and in the same tradition as SGML. The early HTML had markup typical for its use of the day (code, dir, samp, […]

Death in the Family

Co-founder of Opera Software, Geir Ivarsøy, died of cancer last Thursday. The first time I met Geir Ivarsøy was in 1998 installing Opera 3.5, when Opera got CSS support. What I didn’t know then was that this very first good CSS implementation had been […]

Web 2.1: Making it whole again

Attended the W3C Technical Plenary, in Cannes, France. W3C has played the United Nations of Web standards for a decade now. In that period they have created 85 recommendations (finished specifications). In the works are 2 proposed recommendations, 28 candidate recommendations, and 111 working […]