Can HTML5 make accessibility usable?

Following up the discussion on Accessible drag and drop using WAI-ARIA, I think HTML5 may be a huge win for accessibility. HTML4 was filled with good intentions, HTML5 should be filled with good implementations. HTML4 became a W3C standard 11 years ago. By now […]

HTML5 — XML’s Stealth Weapon

Even after the death-of-XHTML2, syntax debate still dominates the day. Here is my contribution. The XML story In the beginning was SGML. There is a lot to be said about SGML so I won't. HTML was specified to be an application of SGML, but […]

An XHTML 2 far

Before the weekend W3C announced that the XHTML2 Working Group would be discontinued. That hardly came as any surprise, and mixed with that feeling of relief and melancholy the death of a terminally ill patient may elicit. To me XHTML2 was the next HTML3, […]