CSS 2.1 Solid Soon?

XKCD recently published the future and found through a good number of Google searches that finishing up HTML5 would herald the demise of newspapers and the Third Coming of Christ. Coincidentally the W3C declared that finally CSS 2.1 had reached Proposed Recommendation status, and […]

Map to the future

Wikipedia has a nice and extremely useful map of the Beijing metro system with upcoming extensions. As the Beijing metro system is expanding extremely rapidly the future is almost now. Like most Wikipedia maps of this type it is made in SVG (using Adobe […]

Open Urban Planning

Urban planning and city architecture has traditionally been a closed process between the client and the planner, possibly with a public hearing (too) late in the process. We are now at a stage technically, and sometimes socially, that this process could be organised differently. […]


"How unique – and trackable – is your browser?" To let a web site adapt the content to fit your needs a browser will make a number of configuration details available, what operating system you use (this shouldn't really matter, but that is a […]

Time out

When you have “dinner at seven” it would be dinner at seven tonight unless that time has already passed, then it would be dinner at seven tomorrow night. If it were “breakfast at seven” then it would be tomorrow morning as most of us […]