selv lyst på (Opera-fest alt for mange)

Først moro, dernest faglig/teknisk, utveksle ideer og oppfatninger

Standards meets Prague

Opera kan yte ressurser

People meeting people

  1. Adaptive content
  2. HTML 5
  3. Web Standards Project
  4. Multimodality

When what you see is not what you want


One origin:

Typesetting to WYSIWYG: Mac: Terrible on screen and print
Adobe Postscript, PDF

Second origin:

Content reuse, SGML. Markup and Styles. Only no styles (font, layer, tables, frames)

Open standards, one can add to what another makes, collaborative

Ignored Branding/style

Cascading Style Sheets

hide underline, basic typography, layout

Media types

Print, screen. Projection, handheld, speech, tv.

Not really working

Server-side adaptions

Not interactive/adaptive enough

Server-side adaptions are worse than no adaptions. If they fail, no fallback. They have always failed with me.

Client-side adaptions can be bad as well, but at least they have overrides (cascade)

Media queries

Client-side adaptions, higher precision

Client-dependent, few (Opera 7, Safari 3, FF4/D.Glazman?) OSF 2009, IE 2012?

JavaScript alternative/fallback works today

(width, height, device-width, device-height, device-aspect-ratio, color, color-index, monochrome, resolution, scan, grid)


Abuse: Browser hack (MQ: test for Opera…)

Adaptive content is even more challenging than liquid designs (if you don't know it, don't do it).


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