inside the shutter

This image, the phone blogging equivalent of a lens cap snap, was posted with Opera Mini 3, released today.

I decided to go through the regular process, entering my phone number (which I never remember, but fortunately my phone remembers it for me), guessing what the damn captcha said, and submitted. Sure enough I got an SMS giving me an URL to click on (it would be easier to enter the URL directly, but at least I know that the system worked, in the Czech Republic too). After downloading/upgrading and after running the selftest and entering the cryptographic seed, I clicked on the phone blog link (confirming that I wanted to get on the Internet and would allow Opera Mini to abuse the camera, two Java midlet application warnings you can’t get around).

Then I discovered that midlets have no inhibitions against taking pictures with the shutter closed, unlike the regular camera application, so I just had to do it and posting the result was automatic.

This comment I wrote later as writing longer text from Mini isn’t that fun.

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  1. feldgendler: But since it’s not technically possible, it’s probably not a bug after all :)Jonny: Next time Mini asks whether you want to use a picture you’re not satisfied with, you _could_ alway say no 🙂

  2. Who said I’m not satisfied with the picture? It got all those delightful shades of black. I guess being allowed to do something you’re not ordinary allowed to do is a bug, but I don’t mind. Look at it as a safety filter, if you are so drunk or tired or absentminded that you don’t see that picture in front of you is completely black, then maybe you’re not in the right state of mind to post public pictures…


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