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How has the Internet changed (or changed your life)? How will it change in you lifetime?

I can recall as a kid in the seventh grade, in Montreal Quebec, in our computer science class we had access to a time-sharing computer based somewhere else in the country. The method of data input/output was an enormous Telex teletype machine that sounded like a jackhammer when printing. […] My vision of the future for Internet is not all rosy. […] What I’m sure of is that the Internet will continue to become part of our lifestyle and those who are Internet illiterate will slowly be left behind as progress marches steadily on. […] I invite any and all to send their ideas.

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  1. When I was young, I played as hard as I possibly could… climbed trees, did every out door activity you can think of, etc. The kids today spend wayyyyyyyyyy too much time behind computers playing games, looking at porn, and blogging. In that regard, therefore, I think the internet is destroying America.However, there is always another side to the story i.e. a lot of good can come from the net.

  2. When I was young, I played pretty hard myself. I dont blame the internet for destoying Americas youth though. The parents of today have to be aware of the dangers of the internet and take neccessary measures.

  3. Great points affiliate421 … I guess if parents should have more control over there kids. However, if something is available, it’s very unlikely the parents can be there all the time…. I bet you never snuck dirty magizines on top of a barn when you were little 🙂

  4. Interesting view points. The Internet is a great tool and resource. I don’t believe it is the Internet or creation of the Internet that has polluted the pool. More to the point it would seem that choice has gotten in the way once again. If you apply that logic to everything then it would seem that it is inevitable that good and bad exist. How true it is that parents have an awesome responsibility in this regard. We patrol the use of the Internet very closely in our home and we have four children that use it more often then not. Question: Who is patrolling the Parents and other adults? There sure is a lot of crap out there and I don’t believe it was created from the desires of my children.

  5. Internet is going to change us in all aspescts of our life,Actually I think in one way we are going to meet so meny people but in the other hand we are going to be lonely people.

  6. Anonymous writes:I dont think the interenet is good or bad. It just makes finding what you are looking for faster, and easier – wether it be a cookie recipe, or pornogrophy. Those things have always been there, now they are just more available to everyone.

  7. So true anonymous! There is good and bad in everything. Cell phones for example, I don’t know how I would go about without one. However, I use the hands free option while driving. So many of us do not use this option still. It amazes me when I see someone driving while holding there phone up there ear. Hello!! Goes back to decisions and choice…..


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