Mobile Web Initiative

The Mobile Web Initiative went public this week, with a public mailing list each for best practices and device description. It went public in the sense that it really has been a continuation of a workshop in Barcelona this fall. Further back a W3C impetus would be the .mobi top level domain for mobile devices, something I don’t think is a particularly good idea and neither did Tim Berners-Lee.

The workshop and its papers was a “You are here” point of the Mobile Web, where the participants presented their diverging view on what the mobile web was and how it would be won.

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  1. Will you add your personal commentary on the diverging views, as presented in the workshop?

  2. Yes, I intend to. I have found preciously little vision on what this mobile web thing is supposed to be about (after filtering out the company marketing spiel), this workshop is so far the best we’ve got and some of it is quite revealing.


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