Crisis, what crisis?

So the Irish vote was “Lisbon nil points”. An interesting state for this virtual superstate I’m living in. The Lisbon treaty isn’t necessary for the EU to continue, which may be seen as a good thing as Lisbon is dead.

The only way it can be revived is if the Irish somehow decide to change their collective minds. How likely do you think that is? Discussion at the forum.

While constitutionally the EU treaties isn’t getting anywhere fast, the European countries and people are growing more integrated. Maybe it is time for the EU to swap the bike for a more stable vehicle,

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  1. The irish people and their collective minds? Fuhrer , Duce, Pierre Laval, Vidkun Quisling were Irish?And how their are gonna bring european poeple more closely with all these airplane taxes their gonna add with their Lisbon treaty for example?:lol: Europe and it’s hypertrophied states again, ready to take actions for the good of its people. Fan-ta-stic!

  2. Anonymous writes:Why should Ireland want to be a small part of the EU when they are already a sovereign Nation? I’m afraid this country is headed for extinction as a sovereign nation, as well as the EU countries. Too bad. I liked being an American.


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