One Laptop Per Cap



File system
The file system is nothing but criminal. It takes a minute or worse just to open the file open dialog during which nothing else happens.

Battery life
The battery life is near-criminal as well. Like many others the original crank was what attracted me to the thing to begin with. Yay! Physical exercise! But it wasn’t just cuteness and the fact that the power grid is unreliable and for many expensive in much of the world

I have by now a running overview of pubs, cafes, restaurants in Prague where you can refill your laptops, as well as of many airports and stations in Europe. Elsewhere I waste time looking for my next dose of electricity, and outside city centres there may not be any. Cranks could give me the freedom I crave. Solar panels are less attractive as I sit in the shade, and anyway this is Europe, we have sun five days and three nights a year.

So they compromised, giving a laptop battery and a charger instead. I could live with this, in fact when I had a laptop I did live with this, if this actually gave me some time to play with this thing, but if you give it just one ugly look the battery discharges. To get anything done you have to sit on top of a power source, and you have to carry the charger (and US/European plug converter) where you go. The battery is only useful to let you go to the urinal and back. As the device supposedly


The availability of a terminal window is a plus. The dependency of a terminal window is a huge minus.

The lack of BT has kept me from buying an Eee, though I will make a second look in June. Unlike Eee this may not be seen as a design flaw for the XO, as the target children may not have any of the devices likely to have Bluetooth, and I can manage without it for this device as well. But if I had that it would extend its range of usability, much like Opera has. There is a Wiki page for it, sadly empty as of now.


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