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  1. Isn’t that when someone throws someone else out of a window?

    Does this happen so often that there has to be a word that describes this action? A little scary!

    Who thought of this word anyway?

    Anyway… you have it folks!

    I wonder if there is a word for a person who bitres their toenails…

  2. Defenestration, while Latin for out of the window, is a word coming from Bohemia (in Czech: Defenestrace) where they have habitually thrown people out of the window when they’ve run out of booze and furniture. More recently the word has been used for changing operating system from Windows to something else (i.e. throwing Windows out the window).Unlike the other nine words that were just frequently appearing queries in 2004, “defenestration” was voted in as favourite word by the people that hang out at Merriam-Webster. So now we know what kind of parties they throw.This entry was really a test message to see the uptake of these journals into search engines, by having a medium rare word, defenestration, and a short non-word (the jeeglit “øx”) to search for. These journals are picked up by search engines, for instance this is the only place using the perfectly normal Norwegian word bokbålsvarsel that Google has bothered to index.Both the Czech word for window, okno, related to the word for eye, oko, as well as the English word for window, window, are deemed to be of Scandinavian poetic origin, meaning “wind eye”. Vindauge is also one of the current Norwegian words for window. The Czechs have developed windows further and it is now a common word for blackout, since the cruel hangover and amnesia after a window-throwing party can easily last for decades or centuries.


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